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Terms of Use
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Registration/Sign In Help
Read the steps below for information on how to complete the registration/sign in pages. If you experience difficulties call Lottery Support Hotline at 1-800-667-1649 or email RetailerFeedback@bclc.com

Step 1 – Register

First Name/Last Name:
Enter your first and last name exactly as it was submitted to the BCLC Retailer Database by your manager.
Ask your manager what name they submitted for you.
Name fields are NOT case sensitive.
Retailer Number:
This is the 4-digit number used to sign into your store’s primary lottery terminal.

Step 2 – Complete Your Registration

It is mandatory for BCLC to gather accurate retailer information to maintain the required BCLC Retailer Database.

Middle Initial:
If you do not have a middle initial check the box to indicate no middle initial.
If you have more than one middle name, input the initial of your first middle name.
Select Female or Male to best represent yourself
Date of Birth:
Select the Month, Day and Year you were born.
A valid and accessible email address is required as you will be sent your User ID and Password for your records.

Step 3 – Sign In

Once you have completed the registration, you must then sign into BCLC Learning to gain access to the lottery certification course.

User ID:
Your User ID will be generated.
A temporary password is generated and displayed on the screen.
When you sign in it will state the password has expired as it is for initial sign in only.
You will be prompted to change your password.
The password field is case sensitive – be sure to type capital letters where needed.

Once signed into BCLC Learning, identify the desired course and select ‘Start Course’.